Vaccine Exemptions

If your workplace, organization, or educational institution is demanding your vaccination status, there are resources out there you can use to combat them. Your private medical information is just that, private, and you are under no terms required to provide

Legal Help

If you are experiencing trouble with tickets, keeping your business open, interacting with police and bylaw in your area, here are some lawyers we know and trust to help you out. Nirmala Armstrong Law OfficeMarkham Law Chambers169 Enterprise Blvd. Suite

Facts vs Fears

Since we learned about COVID-19 we have been inundated with experts and politicians perpetuating a narrative of fear at a time when we were not so clear on the science. Looking back at 2020, we have far more science to

Legal Defence Fund

About Our Legal Fund On November 26, 2020, MPP Randy Hillier was charged with violating Ontario’s COVID Regime while speaking at the No More Lockdowns Canada rally in front of Queen’s Park. To charge a Parliamentarian while peacefully protesting public

Rally for Veterans

Rally for Veterans

This weekend, the No More Lockdowns team will be active at several grassroots freedom community events. There will be many different groups and speakers gathered, but we all yearn for freedom, and recognize the importance of our obligation to make