Since we learned about COVID-19 we have been inundated with experts and politicians perpetuating a narrative of fear at a time when we were not so clear on the science. Looking back at 2020, we have far more science to help us better understand how COVID-19 affects us and can better judge our response to it. Despite this, the narrative of fear continues from politicians and experts alike.

We must ask ourselves, should we follow the bureaucratic experts or should we follow the science?

The following information should help you better answer questions and be a resource to arm you in any discussion about COVID-19. More topics to come.

Do Masks Protect You Against COVID-19?

Learn more about the scientific facts that refute the bureaucratic experts by clicking on the sources below.


Director of Infection Control at Kingston Health Sciences Centre – Ontario, Canada

Danish Study on Mask Wearing

Cloth masks fail to prevent spread of COVID-19

Cloth masks increase likelihood of infection

Can Healthy (Asymptomatic) People Spread COVID-19?

Click on the sources below and shine a light on the facts.


Director of Infection Control at Kingston Health Sciences Centre – Ontario, Canada

Lack of spread among 37 US university students – Recorded August 2020

Peer reviewed study shows lack of evidence of asymptomatic spread – Wuhan China

WHO claims asymptomatic spread is rare, then retracts without counter evidence

Does a Positive PCR Test Indicate a COVID-19 Infection?

See the science by clicking on the sources below.


WHO guidance on PCR testing changes due to high false positive rate

Public Health Ontario admits to improper use of PCR test

Are Our Hospitals Overwhelmed?

These facts can be found by clicking the sources below.


FAO Audit on Hospital Capacity

78 Citations Dating Back to 2010 of Overcapacity Hospitals Across Canada

Facts vs Fears