No More Lockdowns Canada is a grassroots community of political activists countering excessive government overreach. Founded by MPP Randy Hillier in May of 2020, NML Canada asserted our fundamental rights as Canadians to peacefully assemble, offering a stable and welcoming social environment to passionate citizens opposed to the destructive public health response to COVID-19. It began with a simple request for citizens to abandon normalcy for just “two weeks to flatten the curve” of a novel respiratory virus, but after two years of cruel and unusual mistreatment of citizens by our governments, we still haven’t fully reclaimed our old lives.

MPP Randy Hillier Addresses 10,000 Activists, Queens Park February 2022

The COVID-19 era is revealing how indifferent and complacent the majority of Canadians have become. Western civilization is spiritually, morally, and economically bankrupt, and only a small minority of citizens understand this reality. You’re likely one of them if you’re reading this. At the trivial whim of an unelected and unaccountable public health bureaucracy, governments worldwide destroyed small business, stunted childhood development, isolated aging seniors, the extensive list of critical disruptions goes on and on. We’ve had years of our lives robbed from us, and our tolerance of these unprecedented interventions establishes a precedent that seriously jeopardizes our future wellbeing.

It began with enforcing lockdowns and mask mandates, but we arrived at the bottom of a very slippery slope when the mob cried for mandatory injections, public vaccine segregation, and the destruction of livelihoods. Our politicians flirted with the darkest elements of human psychology to divide the population and tighten their grip on power. This was made possible due to their subsidization of the mainstream media, compromising the failed institution with millions of our tax dollars. Big tech social media companies punitively censor anyone who deviates from the approved narrative. Very simply, mainstream society completely lost the plot, and the mass psychosis of covid hysteria is exacerbating multiple crises of existential concern that we’ve been ignoring, the onset of global hyperinflation, supply chain breakdown, impending food shortages, geopolitical conflict, and now war.

What We’ve Accomplished:

NML Canada fulfilled a fundamental role in mobilizing and providing leadership for the Canadian freedom movement since 2020. Extensive networks of volunteer activists ran a highly successful lawn sign campaign throughout Ontario, distributing our signature “No More Lockdowns” signs to supporters across the province. This early effort gave hope to many, as people were able to signal their convictions and demonstrate to others that they aren’t alone. It also foreshadowed the divisiveness that has come to define contemporary political discourse, as many signs were vandalized or stolen by angry proponents of the mainstream narrative surrounding COVID-19.

NML Canada established local action groups throughout the province, fostering supportive communities and promoting normalcy through activism and local events. These groups supported small businesses by rallying behind entrepreneurs choosing to remain open, attended churches in solidarity who refused to relinquish their right to assemble for worship, and consistently participated in large scale demonstrations such as tractor rallies and family friendly barbecues featuring diverse lineups of highly credentialed speakers to influence public opinion. Many of these activists and speakers carried a very heavy burden for us all, facing extensive fines for exercising our fundamental rights. Initially drawing small crowds of 50-100 people, our persistent efforts to shape public opinion and promote civic participation in this effort has grown our movement exponentially.

NML activists got involved in the 2021 Canadian Federal Election, volunteering on various local campaigns for the People’s Party of Canada. MPP Randy Hillier travelled throughout Ontario and Canada alongside Maxime Bernier and other prominent public figures, mounting a high profile grassroots campaign against vaccine mandates and digital passports championed by all other parties. Supporters rallied by the thousands, demonstrating unparalleled energy and momentum that will continue to grow for years to come. In February of 2022, the national freedom movement descended upon Ottawa, greeted by countless Canadians lining highway overpasses and filling truck stops across the country. The Freedom Convoy peacefully assembled for what was likely the largest and most extensive political demonstration in Canadian history, capturing the attention of the world by protesting COVID-19 restrictions and mandates and inspiring major demonstrations in solidarity. Despite assuming unprecedented emergency powers and physically dispersing the protests instead of meeting with and hearing their concerns, governments went from threatening to tax the unvaccinated to dropping most health restrictions in very short order.

Where We Go From Here:

Despite a proud history of freedom and civil liberty in Canada, the past two years have shown how easily our governments, courts, and all public institutions and corporations will completely disregard our fundamental freedoms when faced with mass hysteria and disingenuous social pressure to conform when faced with crisis. We must never forget what happened to us, and demand that those responsible are held publicly accountable.

Although many provincial public health restrictions are winding down after two bitter years of ruthlessly enforced intervention, federal mandates and restrictions against the unvaccinated still remain. We must continue to provide public opposition against these measures and any further attempts to re-implement them in response to continued waves of seasonal infection, novel pathogens, and even similar measures applied to collectivist ideologies like centralized efforts to combat climate change.

The mainstream narrative and information apparatus has rapidly shifted from covid hysteria to war sensationalism. Global geopolitical conflict has manifested into kinetic warfare in Europe, and tensions in several other hotspots such as China/Taiwan and the Middle East are escalating. Our globalized world and the fragile systems sustaining it that we in the west take for granted are now in severe jeopardy, with Global leaders and institutions now warning of food shortages and famine as a result of global supply chain disruption. Global hyperinflation threatens to erode the standard of living for regular people worldwide, sparing only those wealthy elites who have benefitted most from our current paradigm.

No More Lockdowns Canada will continue to foster the spirit of independence and resilience in the face of current and future challenges posed to our way of life. We will continue to help influence public opinion in favour of a permanently free and open society, and will continue to build strong local communities for liberty oriented individuals who value freedom and seek to preserve and expand our prosperity.