Rally for Veterans

Rally for Veterans

This weekend, the No More Lockdowns team will be active at several grassroots freedom community events. There will be many different groups and speakers gathered, but we all yearn for freedom, and recognize the importance of our obligation to make

Petition the OPP

Throughout the last 19 months of curve flattening, citizens have experienced an abject failure of leadership from their elected officials, the subsidized media, and the professional class. Only a few dissident voices have questioned the manufactured narrative of fear, with

Strength in Community

The political establishment is applying maximum coercion to force our compliance with their agenda. They are systematically segregating us from mainstream society. Our growing community will support each other and thrive together as government tyranny escalates. This page will contain

Ready Your Savings

With the cost of living rapidly rising, as reckless government spending erodes your savings, and the increasingly punitive taxation regime, Canadians are more vulnerable in their finances. This page will contain information on how to preserve your wealth to withstand

The Science is Out on the Jab

Posted by Michael Snape A disturbing narrative is emerging amid the implementation of vaccine passports and the push for mandatory vaccination of workers in public sectors. The coercive tactics used by our political leaders and mainstream media to mass vaccinate the