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We at No More Lockdowns Canada and former MPP Randy Hillier want to express our deepest appreciation for all who have stood with us, fighting against the lockdowns and COVID mandates since March 2020. While many of the most unjust measures have been rolled back, it has come at a great cost to many, and it would be foolish to believe our success is permanent.

The battles continue, and although we are winning some, those who are responsible for destroying our freedoms and recklessly killing so many during the counterfeit pandemic, are doing everything in their power to destroy and ruin those who won’t back down.

Our legal system is being abused, alongside the banking, financial systems, and our public institutions, in a most hateful manner. We see it financially ruining the most vocal defenders of freedom, faith, and justice.

Randy has three main legal battles underway. Although the Crown has withdrawn charges against him in Toronto, Norfolk, Sault Ste. Marie, and Barrie, there still remain 10 charges in provincial court for organising opposition to mandates at our rallies throughout the province.

Mr. Hillier’s constitutional battle in the Ontario Superior court is scheduled for July 2023, and if successful, will cause the Crown to withdraw thousands of charges not just in Ontario, but across the country.

The trumped up and dishonest allegations against Mr. Hillier, regarding all our actions in Ottawa, will be heard in the criminal courts following a change of venue hearing in April, and a trial later in the fall. The cost and toll have become extraordinary and we cannot meet these financial burdens and win, without your help…

Help Randy and our team continue fighting for you, for our freedoms, and our faith. Donate to our legal defence fund and help reach $100,000.

You can donate directly to the legal defence fund below or come and get away for a few days at Randy’s Scuttlebutt Lodge in Lanark County.

This legal fund will be used to defend individuals charged by the Government’s draconian and unconstitutional laws. Our first matter is the defence of Randy Hillier, who was criminally charged under the Emergency Act for participating in the Freedom Convoy and charged with 25 Provincial Offences for organizing public gatherings to protest Doug Ford’s Government’s COVID response. The Fund is not meant to defend any one person, but to defend us all from a dangerous government overreach and erosion of our freedoms.

Help us protect our Charter Freedoms.

Contributions are not tax deductible. We are not a registered charity and therefore do not offer tax receipts.

Support Our Efforts is run by a group of dedicated grassroots volunteers who donate their spare time to spread a message and organize against irrational and unscientific Lockdowns. 

Please make a donation today to fund our efforts to spread the message further. Your donations have been used to fund our very successful province wide lawn sign campaign, print protest signs, maintain our website, fund outreach activities and organize events to demand No More Lockdowns!  

Contributions are not tax deductible. We are not a registered charity and therefore do not offer tax receipts.

You can also donate via e-transfer to this address: or by cheque to:

Randy Hillier
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