Throughout the last 19 months of curve flattening, citizens have experienced an abject failure of leadership from their elected officials, the subsidized media, and the professional class. Only a few dissident voices have questioned the manufactured narrative of fear, with the political establishment going out of their way to ridicule, denigrate and silence any opposition. 

Please consider adding your voice to our petition for the Commissioner of the Ontario Provincial Police to investigate a series of sudden deaths of a suspicious nature that have occurred in young and healthy people, to determine if the receipt of a novel pharmaceutical product was a contributing factor or cause of death.

A Petition to the Commissioner of the Ontario Provincial Police, Thomas Carrique:

Investigate the mounting sudden deaths of young healthy people

WHEREAS there has been a coercive effort at all levels of societal institutions to mandate COVID-19 vaccinations as a condition of societal participation;

AND WHEREAS mainstream media and government officials have ignored and suppressed a substantial body of evidence originating from highly credentialed academics and professionals addressing the potential harm of such products to individuals;

AND WHEREAS various foreign governments have halted the distribution of certain COVID-19 vaccines as a result of this potential harm, or restricted their delivery among disproportionately affected age groups;

AND WHEREAS public health data reveals a concerning trend of adverse reactions following COVID-19 vaccinations increasingly prevalent in younger demographics;

AND WHEREAS there has been a series of recent sudden deaths of a questionable nature in Ontario occurring among seemingly young and healthy people; 

WE, the undersigned, petition OPP Commissioner Thomas Carrique as follows: 

To immediately commence investigations into these and other sudden deaths of questionable nature, and to direct municipal police forces where applicable to do the same, to determine if the receipt of a novel pharmaceutical product was a contributing factor or cause of death.

Petition the OPP