In partnership with MPP Randy Hillier, we are looking for your support to demand a Royal Commission of Inquiry on our government to investigate the growing evidence of damages we have caused across our province during the COVID-19 lockdowns, and the adverse effects of the vaccination program. We need your signature and support to be made known, sign below!

It’s time to open a Royal Commission of Inquiry into the actions of our government over the last 16 months!

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A Petition to the Legislative Assembly of Ontario
A Royal Commission of Inquiry into the activities of Ontario’s Chief Medical Officer of Health and the COVID Command Table

WHEREAS our Chief Medical Officer of Health, based on deliberations and information shared at the COVID Command Table, imposed public health restrictions such as lockdowns, masking, and the closure of businesses, predicated upon information now known to be false;

AND WHEREAS the release of the Fauci emails provide evidence that the origin of the virus was the Wuhan lab in China, and further demonstrate the funding of controversial ‘gain of function’ experimentation;

AND WHEREAS the Government of Canada is blocking efforts by Parliament to uncover the truth about two Chinese government operatives known to be working in a Winnipeg virus lab in the autumn of 2019 and subsequently removed in January 2020;

AND WHEREAS our Chief Medical of Health and the COVID Command Table failed in their responsibility to exercise due diligence on information they were receiving prior to pursuing and extending restrictions that did more harm than good;

AND WHEREAS Royal Commission of Inquiry will provide the transparency and truth to the people of Ontario and answer the many questions Ontarians and Canadians have about their governments’ questionable behaviour and decisions the last 16 months;

WE the undersigned petition the Legislative Assembly of Ontario as follows:

That the Government of Ontario convene a Royal Commission of Inquiry into the COVID activities and decisions of the COVID Command Table and the Chief Medical Officer of Health.

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A Royal Commission of Inquiry into our COVID Response