Posted by Michael Snape

A disturbing narrative is emerging amid the implementation of vaccine passports and the push for mandatory vaccination of workers in public sectors. The coercive tactics used by our political leaders and mainstream media to mass vaccinate the population deliberately ignores emerging scientific insight into the longer term effects of the experimental medical treatment.

The people we trust to accurately inform the public are deliberately ignoring crucial information, carefully crafting a narrative that supports their political agenda. These figures consistently hide behind “the science” but fail to acknowledge that there is a vast community of highly credentialed scientific dissidents who have shared studies exposing some of our biggest fears regarding the experimental COVID Jab. Blood clots, heart problems, damage to the ovaries are just a few of these dangers.

As governments implement segregationist policies under the guise of public health, citizens are coerced into conformity while risking their long term health and wellbeing.

A federal election is imminent, let’s turn the tables and choose political representatives that will promote both life and livelihood.

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The Science is Out on the Jab